Samsung NX10 – Specifications & Review

The brand new Samsung NX10 is a ground-breaking digital camera that provides photographers with an interchangeable lens system and optimum image quality in a compact body – a strong alternative  to the traditional DSLR camera. Users can now be as creative as they would with a DSLR, with the simplicity and fun of a digital camera. This camera is superb for those photographers who are not quite ready to take the jump to DSLR, but want something that is beyond a simple point-and-shoot.

The Samsung NX10 incorporates a quick auto focus, 14.6 megapixel size CMOS sensor and large 3.0 inch AMOLED screen, allowing users to easily view their images – even in bright sunlight or on overcast days. To add to the excitement, photographers can now record video in full HD. The quick AF system is Samsung’s latest and greatest, used in many of their popular DSLR models – guaranteeing that you will never miss a moment!

When analysing the physical appearance of the Samsung NX10, there are truly many high points. Available in two colors, black and silver, the Samsung NX10 is small, light weight and ergonomically designed to ensure maximum portability for everyday use. Travelling with the NX10 is a breeze – and certainly ideal. The interface is user-friendly; with self-explanitory icons and buttons available for the user’s convenience.

Samsung continues to extend the usage of AMOLED screens across many products, using a large 3.0 inch AMOLED screen in the new Samsung NX10. The AMOLED system provides easy viewing options even in bright sunshine and at those awkward viewing angles, meaning users no longer need to shield their screen with their hand or tip backwards and forwards. 

The Samsung NX10 contains a wide variety of features and abilities to put professional quality images within reach of the entry-level photographer – easily. The NX10 provides users with the opportunity to make use of advanced manual controls – to gain the optimum results at all times. A Smart Auto function hass recently been introduced which automatically detects the surrounding environment of the shot and selects the ideal shoot mode.

The Smart Range feature also enables the photographer to easily express both bright areas and dark areas in the same image – ideal for an unusual, unique photo. The Supersonic Dust Reduction system keeps dust particles clear of the image sensor that can often impair an image, ruining a perfect photo. There are many individual shooting modes, such as Fireworks, Beach & Snow, Dawn and many more – perfect for capturing those unique situations.

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