Digital Camera Damaged – What Is The Cost Effective Solution For A Broken Camera?

Every piece of technology has a life span – some cameras will last years and years without a glitch, others will die within a few months or years. Accidents do happen – all it takes is a small drop to fracture the screen or dint the body. Or that awful moment when a glass of wine is knocked and liquid seeps into the inners of your camera. So, the question is, do you repair or buy new?

Nowadays, cameras are a household item – one that can be bought in any price range, with any level of quality. It is far less common to have a camera repaired, due to these low prices and options of brand new exciting functions and abilities. Digital cameras are updated more and more frequently, so often it is not advised to repair a camera that is three years old or more.

Deciding whether to buy new or repair is very dependent on the damage done to the camera. Repair costs for a digital camera can range from $150 to $400 or more, and a repairman can charge up to $120 per hour, plus GST, and your camera generally will be returned to you in one month. Five years ago, camera companies were sending out three to four cameras a week to be repaired, however now, this number has significantly dropped back to one – if that.

Warranty is always an issue when it comes to repairing or replacing. Thinking in advance is always a smart idea – when purchasing the original camera, consider buying from a dealer who supplies an Australian Manufacturing Warranty, and be sure to ask all the right questions. Ordering your digital camera online is always risky, some websites can easily void the warranty due to being an unauthorised seller.

The best option for your battered camera is to have it examined by a specialist – determine the issue, and the cost to repair. With such a huge, diverse range of cameras on the market, why choose to repair when you could upgrade for a similar price? You can easily build your own opinion when researching more camera resources.

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