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Panasonic SDR-S71

A highly compact and lightweight camcorder, the SDR-S71 improves upon its predecessor the SDR-S50 by offering dedicated SD Card recording. SD Cards are readily available, fast and inexpensive, and accessible by nearly all modern computers for home video editing. The SDR-S71 also includes special features that allow you to produce high-quality movies with ease.

One of the highlights of the SDR-S71’s design is its powerful 70x optical zoom. Of course, with such a great zoom range, handshake becomes an issue. That’s why Advanced O.I.S. handshake stabilisation is included to give you a better image. Couple this with a 33mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle lens, iA focus technology and wind-noise cancellation, and you’ve got yourself a pretty powerful pocket DVC. In addition, the included software makes sharing your videos with your friends quick and easy. The SDR-S71 is an all-round performer.

Panasonic HDC-SD900 High-Definition Camcorder

Who knew that HD cameras could get this tiny? And 3D-capable, to boot? The HDC-SD900 is one of Panasonic’s most recent additions to the burgeoning field consumer HD camcorders. Boasting Panasonic’s high-sensitivity 3MOS image system, this little machine packs 11.49 million effective motion image pixels of excellence into its slender frame. What’s more, it uses SD cards!

Most interesting is the HDC-SD900’s ability to produce dynamic 3D content. With the optional VW-CLT1 3D conversion lens, you can produce high-definition 3D video on-the-fly, ready to play back on your 3D-capable TV system. Also featuring Panasonic’s iA image enhancement technology, a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen and HYBRID O.I.S. image stabiliser, the HDC-SD900 is hard to beat.

Sample Video – Source: Cnetau; You Tube