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The advent of digital

We are presently living in a highly digital world – much of our technology has some kind of digital component, being computer controlled and readily connected to different devices. The effect of digital technology has been extremely visible in the realm of photography, with digital cameras now in the vast majority of homes.
Indeed, traditional ‘analogue’ or film photography has seriously diminished over the past decade. It is becoming more and more difficult to find places that are willing to process or even sell 35mm film. The only remnants of the ‘old world’ of photography are the disposable cameras frequently taken on school trips and for photos with a ‘retro charm’. Still, there is a dedicated following for film photography, and it still plays a large part in the educational and artistic markets.

The greatest advantage of digital photography is its versatility. Digital cameras can take many more photos than traditional film-based cameras, photo which can later be edited using a computer program such as Photoshop. Photos can now be made perfect using simple but very powerful tools. In addition, they can be shared with family and friends using the internet, or displayed continuously in digital photo frames. Digital technology offers innumerable possibilities, enhancing creativity, communication and practicality.

Kirk’s Camera Supply recognises the great importance of digital technology in photography, and has gradually come to the forefront of the digital world. Our online presence is a testament to this endeavour. We consider ourselves experts in digital photographic technology, and use this expertise to assist you when purchasing a camera. Come and consult with a Kirk’s camera expert today at our Ringwood store, and find how you can benefit from the digital explosion.

Camcorders and digital video cameras

Kirk’s Camera Supply doesn’t just deal in digital still cameras – we also stock a range of video cameras and accessories. Whatever your skill level, we carry a video camera that will suit your needs and budget. From families wishing to record those special moments, to film students producing high-quality homework, to professional moviemakers, we’ve got you covered.

Technology has progressed considerably since the days of the Super-8 camera, or even the humble Handycam. Full High-Definition (HD) video is now a reality, and is even included on several still cameras. Film and tape are no longer the media of choice, as hard disks, DVDs and flash memory provide greater storage and generally higher quality. Videos are now transferred digitally to computers where they can be edited in a non-linear fashion and kept safely on disk. The speed of the FireWire/IEEE 1394 interface means that video transfer is faster than ever.

Modern digital video cameras are exceptionally easy to use – it’s generally a case of ‘point and shoot’, and your memories are instantly recorded. A tripod is a very useful addition, especially with the advent of ‘video blogs’ where your thoughts are recorded, for example, during your travels, and posted online. Whatever project you have in mind, a digital video camera from us will suit it perfectly.

We carry an extensive range of digital video cameras and camcorders, as well as accessories to enhance your video experience. Caring for your camera, whether video or still, is important to ensure good results on every use. Come into Kirk’s Camera Supply, and find the video camera or accessories you’ve been looking for. Our expert staff are willing to assist you with your purchase.


A decent tripod is a firm base for successful photography (pardon the pun). Many consumer photographers are used to taking photos ‘on the fly’, and this has lead to the advent of digital image stabilization technology to remove motion blur. However, many non-professional photographers can still benefit from having a tripod on hand.

For a large number of ‘incidental’ photographers, a tripod is an essential piece of equipment. It allows precise control of the angle of a shot, provides a stable platform to produce crisp images and a stand for timer photography. Tripods can range from the basic, $10-$20 variety for basic shots, to the advanced, highly configurable structures used for professional work. Tripods are surprisingly inexpensive, and a basic model will suit the needs of most entry-level photographers. There’s even the unusual ‘GorillaPod’, which secures your camera to virtually any surface imaginable via bendy legs.

Tripods can be easily stored along with your other camera accessories via means of a storage bag. Nearly all tripods fold up into a portable, lightweight package, so they can be carried easily on trips.

Where a tripod cannot be used due to space concerns, another viable option is the monopod. These are extensible rods that you can rest the body of your camera on, providing a more stable image. As your hands do not bear the weight of the camera, there is less shake to upset it. Kirk’s Camera Supply stocks a range of monopods that you can use to improve your photography in tight spaces.

Visit our store in Ringwood and browse our range of tripods for yourself, or flick through our catalog online. A tripod is an excellent investment for any photographer – drop into Kirk’s Camera Supply and find one that’s right for you.

Compact vs. SLR

When purchasing a new digital camera, one is confronted with a huge range of choice. There are many different models, brands and types to choose from, so the task can seem quite daunting. The sales consultants at Kirk’s Camera Supply recognise this, and will help you choose the camera that is best for you. The two most popular forms of digital camera are the simpler compact variety and the more sophisticated SLR-style type. It’d important to compare the two before deciding on what you will finally purchase.

The compact camera is perhaps the most popular kind. These are the successors of the film-based consumer camera, but allow far more in terms of relative features. Some compact cameras produce nearly professional quality pictures, while still remaining small and easy to use. The chief benefit of the compact camera is its size – it’s easy to keep in a handbag or pocket, and can be taken out for impromptu shoots like family events. However, the lens of the compact camera cannot be removed.  This is rarely a concern for your average consumer photographer, but it can limit the quality and variety of your pictures.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Digital SLR. These are similar to the Single-Lens Reflex film cameras of years-gone-by, in that they have interchangeable lenses and a large body. They produce very high quality shots, and the parameters of the camera can be customised to a much greater degree than with compacts. Although generally more expensive than their compact equivalents, many at the lower end of the range are specifically aimed at consumers who want a little more quality and choice. These are quite affordable and make perfect cameras for the hobbyist.

So, whether a compact or an SLR is up your alley, Kirk’s Camera Supply has got you covered. We can help you choose the camera that’s right for you. Our trained staff are more than willing to provide assistance in choosing from our affordable range of compact and SLR cameras. Visit our Ringwood store today for a tour!